NDIS Diagnostic

Most NDIS organisations don’t have a clear, shared view of the issues being faced by the business and the senior leadership team or those faced by individual leaders. This leads to wasted effort, missed opportunities, and confused messaging throughout the organisation.

Our NDIS Diagnostic is a full-day workshop with your senior team where we’ll explore, analyse, and acknowledge your current reality. We’ll conduct a detailed health check on the four key areas of:

  • Financial security
  • Purpose and values
  • Organisation and culture
  • Leadership capability

You’ll get clarity as to the problems facing you, identify the initiatives that will have the most significant impact, and create a high-level action plan to deliver them.

NDIS Care Plan

Transforming an organisation to successfully provide NDIS funded services is exceptionally challenging. The reality is that your targeted action plan is unlikely to be delivered without resolving conflicts, managing existing workloads, and addressing the cross-team collaboration required for complex service delivery.

The NDIS Care Plan is a guided implementation program to ensure successful delivery of your action plan. Based on the output from the initial NDIS Diagnostic workshop, we’ll create a series of regular tailored, hands-on, support sessions where you’ll get:

  • Monthly checkpoints that lift accountability
  • Expert execution guidance
  • Skill development in identified areas
  • Support with issue & conflict resolution

To make sure these sessions are as productive as possible they are supplemented by 1:1 preparation meetings with the CEO.

This program will ensure you achieve your goals, develop leaders as team contributors as well as individuals, and advance the development of a high-performance culture in your organisation.

NDIS Growth Plan

Once you and your team have achieved your initial transformation milestones, the challenge is to continue the development of a high-performance culture, so that you can increase your impact and better serve your clients and communities.

The NDIS Growth Plan is a series of quarterly check-in sessions. This maintenance program will help your senior team set goals, review progress, and discover what’s working and what’s not. These sessions will lift your leadership team’s capabilities in the following areas as needed:

  • Annual planning
  • Accountability and progress reviews
  • Leadership skill development
  • Budget implementation
  • Process & project checkpoints

You will benefit from increased leadership skills, including a heightened organisational perspective and the ability to resolve conflicts within and across teams. This is turn will give you an enhanced execution capacity to tackle complex problems and situations, and lift confidence in your team’s ability to manage and lead the organisation.