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Hi, I’m Virginia Walker

30 years of senior leadership experience, in companies including Commonwealth Bank, Hewlett Packard and IBM, including as a Chief Financial Officer of a US$200m subsidiary honed Virginia’s understanding of one of the most challenging things an organisation can do – radically reform the way it does business.

Leaving the corporate world Virginia broadened her skills through personal development and coaching. This eventful journey included writing a book to share key lessons from her experiences of transformation projects.   

In 2018 Virginia embraced an opportunity to be the Chief Executive Officer and successfully led the turnaround of a $40m 500-person organisation in the not-for-profit sector.

 Virginia now combines her significant financial pedigree and deep understanding of industry disruption and organisational change to work with those who can see that their business growth is going to be hampered by the current effectiveness of their team.

Virginia lives by the maxim, thriving teams, thriving business, and uses the insights that DISC profiling provides, complemented by her treasure chest of stories and experiences, to empower business owners and executives to achieve success for themselves and their teams.

 Virginia is certified in the PeopleSmart DISC Interpretation Method, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Certified Accountants, a Certified Practicing Accountant, and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She is also a certified Mind Valley life coach and has completed over 200 hours of certified training in Matrix Therapies and Archetypal coaching. 

Bottom line is that Virginia is your trusted mentor and advisor with a depth of wisdom and experience that you can draw on and not have to learn the hard way,

“My personal mission is to enable workplaces where people thrive”

Virgnia Walker

Virginia Walker

CEO, Transformation Journey

My Journey Here

My life changed for the better when I started working, at the age of 16, for a firm of chartered accountants in the City of London. Humour, learning and growth were foundational to this extraordinary workplace. Wise leaders created a supportive, empowering environment that employed a diverse range of individuals.

From that experience, my personal mission became to create workplaces where people thrive.

After moving to Australia, I gained over three decades of senior leadership experience in blue chip companies like Commonwealth Bank, Hewlett Packard and IBM.

It was here that I learnt workplaces where people thrive are enabled by compassionate, purposeful leaders who confidently navigate change and create supportive environments. I also learnt just about everything there is to know about one of the most intimidating things any organisation can ever decide to do, which is radically reform the way it does business.

After leaving the corporate world to find something more fulfilling, I embarked on a personal development journey and accepted a turnaround CEO role in a $30m+ NFP.

My task was to transition what was a government-funded organisation to a competitive client-based environment. Using my financial, leadership, and culture change skills, I restored profitability and lifted employee engagement to 85% in less than 18-months.

Virginia’s Mission

I’m one of Australia’s leading change and leadership consultants.

I’m on a mission to help owners and executives like you develop your teams so that you grow your business and spend more time on what you want.

What does that mean for you? I show you the tools and techniques that stop you shying away from the harder aspects of managing your team, to getting the best out of them, doing what you’re good at, and having a lot more fun in the process.

By strengthening your leadership, culture and values you’ll be able to build the team you need and achieve the business results you’ve dreamed of.