About Us

You Are A Caring NDIS Service Provider
That Helps People Live Their Best Lives

Your organisation is proudly people focused. Your staff believe deeply in your purpose and want to help individuals living with a disability live their best lives.

But the disability landscape has shifted forever.

It is not enough to provide outstanding services to people in your community. For your organisation to survive, it is now essential that you operate at a profit.

This change clearly can’t be ignored. The real question is how do you become profitable without compromising the heart of your organisation?

I understand how scary and overwhelming it can feel to run a commercially vulnerable, purpose driven organisation. But it doesn’t have to be this way,

Don’t risk being taken over, merged or shut down. You can leap from surviving to thriving, and I can show you how.

Hi, I’m Virginia Walker

I’m one of Australia’s leading business transformation and change leadership consultants.

I’m on a mission to help NDIS service providers like you become commercially free to deliver on your purpose AND live your values.

What does that mean for you? I can show you the exact steps, tools and techniques to turn you from an organisation funded upfront into a thriving, commercially viable for purpose business without sacrificing any of your heart.

By strengthening your cash flow, leadership, culture and values you’ll be able to thrive on purpose for many years to come.

“My personal mission is to enable workplaces where people thrive”

Virgnia Walker

Virginia Walker

CEO, Transformation Journey

My Journey Here

My life changed for the better when I started working, at the age of 16, for a firm of chartered accountants in the City of London. Humour, learning and growth were foundational to this extraordinary workplace. Wise leaders created a supportive, empowering environment that employed a diverse range of individuals.

From that experience, my personal mission became to create workplaces where people thrive.

After moving to Australia, I gained over three decades of senior leadership experience in blue chip companies like Commonwealth Bank, Hewlett Packard and IBM.

It was here that I learnt workplaces where people thrive are enabled by compassionate, purposeful leaders who confidently navigate change and create supportive environments. I also learnt just about everything there is to know about one of the most intimidating things any organisation can ever decide to do, which is radically reform the way it does business.

After leaving the corporate world to find something more fulfilling, I embarked on a personal development journey and accepted a turnaround CEO role in a $30m+ NFP.

My task was to transition what was a government-funded organisation to a competitive client-based environment. Using my financial, leadership, and culture change skills, I restored profitability and lifted employee engagement to 85% in less than 18-months.

Virginia’s Mission

Following that success, I now consult with NDIS providers to enable them transform into financially strong organisations where people thrive.

With a specialised toolkit of techniques and tailored support programs, I am passionate about helping organisations like yours transform into healthy businesses, with engaged and productive employees on an exciting growth path.

If you need help transforming your organisation, get started by taking the “Thriving NDIS Service Provider” Scorecard today.

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