Myth: The Executive Team Understands What It Will Take

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Myth: Transformation Is A Project

The myth is that transformation programs are projects, and as such will have a clear start and finish, definable objectives, and can be managed using standard project management techniques. Where…

How patient do you need to be?

As a leader you will almost certainly feel a degree of pressure at some point when delivering change. When this happens it can feel as if you’re the only one…

Failing Your Way to Success

Failing Your Way to Success Commenting to a friend recently how much I was struggling with the issue of failing in relation to certain business goals, she replied “well…no one…

5 Steps to Dealing with Idiots at Work

  It’s interesting how often we hear ourselves or others refer to a colleague as “stupid/short sighted/an idiot”.   The comment is usually expressed with a heartfelt sense of exasperation…

What if you don’t love what you do (and you’re the CEO)

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